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Cybermagnetic Chair (Base unit with software)

6,000.00 €
In Stock

Using the computers headphone and microphone jacks, we can first analyze the patient’s voice patterns for energetic disturbance and then chose sound files for relaxation, healing or energy.

The music is sent into the body thru the headphones and a magnetic field generator. A magnetic field detector then receives the signal from the body establishing a Cybermagnetic loop.

The computer can then change the music to help the patient’s body electric.

The Cybermagnetic Chair can be purchased with zero gravity chair you see for 1200 extra, or with the simple back cybermagnetic pads to put on your own chair for 5000 EUR with the QT software included.

This system can operate independently or interface with the QXCI, SCIO, iNDIGO or Eductor.